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Experienced Ski Instructors

Photos of your lesson

Daily personal rewards

Experienced Ski Instructors

More services, for the same price


More info about your instructor

Before your stay, your instructor, a certified ski professional, shares all useful info about the lesson and himself.

All photos of the lesson

Get photos of you on the slopes everyday and share them with your family and friends.
personalized advice

Personalized tips

Your instructor gives you individual advice and rewards that are relevant to your objectives and profile.

Personalized ski lessons

  1. Info about you instructor and the lesson
  2. Photos of your lessons after the day
  3. Daily personal advice from the instructor
  4. Digital & physical rewards

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Ski school customer support Les Batons

Les Batons – The direct link with your instructor.

The ski specialist

A good ski lesson is first and foremost a good monitor!
All of our ski instructors are professional and state graduates .
We select the best and the most motivated to accompany you.

Quality group ski lessons

Farewell to 12 students! In order to give each student the attention they deserve,
we offer a limited number of courses per station to a limited number of students (8 maximum) per group.

Booking is easy!

No more queueing on the in crowded offices after arriving at the station to book your lessons!
You can book your courses in advance directly on our website, or by phone.

Manage your reservations remotely

No need to move to manage your booking: you can edit, cancel, view details and ask questions directly online 24/7, on our website or app, or by phone.

Follow your progress or those of your children in a fun way

At Les Batons, we believe that learning to ski must be both challenging and fun.
That’s why we have developed the first application that allows you to visualize your goals and track your progress in a fun way.

Access the monitor’s custom comments

The Batons application allows you to follow the personalized advice of your monitor, as well as access photos of your exercises.

Keep track of your progress

Thanks to this unique content, you can keep track of the exercises you have done.
It’s even easier to continue practicing after the class, a few weeks later, or even the next season!

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